Quick Actions

You can configure the action for Tap-and-hold or double-tap on a photo to:

  • Favorite/Like
  • Vote (500px)
  • Send a photo to the stack
  • Save to Photo Library
  • Save to Cloud File Service
  • View Photographer's photos

These actions can be used when you are in thumbnails, list, details, full screen view or slidewhow mode

To configure quick actions

  1. Go to Home>Settings
  2. Tap on the Options button
  3. Tap on Quick Actions
  4. Tap on the gesture you wish to configure (Double tap or tap and hold) and select one action from the list.
  5. Tap on Quick Actions to go back, then on Options
  6. Tap on Done.
  7. Now when you tap and hold or double tap, the action you selected will happen.

Considerations when configuring Quick Actions

If you enable tap-and-hold, the old mechanism to add/remove the quick toolbar in fullscreen photo view is now done by dragging the bar to/from the bottom of the screen .

If you enable double tap, you can't double tap on photos to zoom in and out

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