Flickr: Create guest pass

If you want to share private photos with people you can use a Flickr Guest Pass. With a Guest Pass you can grant access to the entire contents of one of your sets. A guest pass is a URL, just give this URL to anyone you would like to have access to the set and all the photos inside it.

In FlickStackr you can generate a guest pass link for any of your sets.

  1. Go to the set that you wish to share
  2. When viewing the photos in your set (list view or thumbnails) tap on the action button, this is the one with an arrow.
  3. From the menu tap on "Share via Social Network", the "Share photo" pop up appears.
  4. At the bottom of the Share photo pop up, tap on "Link"
  5. Tap on "Guest pass link". Select the options of which photos you want to make available (i.e. Family, Friends).
  6. Tap on "Create pass"
  7. Tap on Copy
  8. Now you can paste this link in an email to share it with others.
Last updated October 17, 2013

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