Upload Defaults

Photos added to the upload list can take default values for title, size, quality, etc. The default values available change based on the service where you are uploading photos.

How to configure default values

You can configure the default values in the Upload Screen, these values must be configured before you add photos to the Upload list as the values are applied when the photos are added to the Upload list

To configure default values:

  1. On the Home Screen tap on Upload
  2. In the Upload screen tap on the Setup Defaults button. This button is located at the bottom of the screen
  3. The Setup Defaults appears where you can set default values for some or all the properties
  4. When you have finished defining default values tap on Save. Next time you upload photos if the switch Use setup defaults is turned ON, then all the photos you add to the photo list will take the values you specified.

Multiple Accounts

Defaults values are kept separate per Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky Drive, Flickr, Facebook, and 500px accounts.

Tips when using upload defaults

  • For cloud services keep in mind that the title is the name of the file in the cloud file service, so if you upload several photos with the same title you will have one photo with several versions rather than several photos.
  • When you are selecting photos to add to the Upload list if you want the default values to be applied, turn on Use default upload properties.
  • You can choose NOT to apply the defaults in case you're uploading photos which do not fit your normal pattern, just turn off Use default upload properties.
  • Default values are kept separate per account.
  • When using iCloud, default values are synchronized between devices.
  •  Photos that are uploaded using Live Camera can also use the default values.  If you want to use the default values  when uploading photos with Live Camera, go to Settings, tap on the Options button. In the Options screen, tap on Upload Defaults and  turn on Use setup defaults.
Last updated July 26, 2013

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