Uploading from Live Camera

You can use the camera on your iPad/iPhone to take pictures, and upload them to your preferred service (Flickr, 500px, Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Picassa, Facebook) right after you took them.

Taking pictures to upload

  1. Tap on Home
  2. From the menu tap on Upload. The upload list will appear, if you have not selected any photos to upload the list will be empty.
  3. To take a live photo, tap on Live Camera, the Camera will appear. You can switch between the front/back camera by tapping on the right corner of the camera.
  4. When you are ready to take a picture tap on the camera button and then tap on Use.
  5. Your picture will be added to the Upload list. Tap anywhere outside the camera to go back to the Upload list.
  6. In the Upload list, you will see a small thumbnail of the photo, a message indicating the photo has EXIF info, and the size of the photo.
  7. Now that you have photos in the Upload List you can proceed to upload them or you can edit them before uploading.

Editing photos before upload

Before uploading your photos, you can modify photo metadata like Title, tags, etc. The metadata available depends on the service where you are uploading photos (i.e. Flickr, 500px, Dropbox). You can also edit the photos with rotation, crops or effects using the Advanced Photo Editor.


You can Upload all the photos in the Upload list by tapping on Upload All, or you can select some of the photos in the Upload list:

  1. From the top toolbar, tap on Edit.
  2. Tap on the photos you want to upload. The ones selected will have a check mark.
  3. Tap on the Upload button.
  4. Upload starts, only the photos with check marks will be uploaded on a given batch. You can continue to use FlickStackr/PhotoStackr for other activities.
Last updated July 15, 2013

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