Flickr: Batch Organize

In FlickStackr you can tap on the Modify button in Details view to manage your photos individually, or you can also manage your photos in batches.

 To batch organize photos

  1. Go to the list of photos you wish to manage in a batch (for example your photostream or a set). View this list of photos in List View or Thumbnails view.
  2. Tap on the Edit button located on the top toolbar.
  3. You are now in Edit mode, tap on the photos you wish to batch organize (all the photos selected have a checkmark)
  4. Tap on Modify to organize all the photos you just selected.
  5. The Modify Photos screen appears, notice that it indicates the number of photos you are modifying at the same time. You can modify title, caption, tags, sets, groups, geo location, privacy, dates and permissions for all the photos selected.
  6. When you are done with the changes, tap on Done
  7. All the photos selected will be updated.
Last updated June 6, 2013

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