Flickr: Red, green and yellow squares

When you are browsing photos you notice a green, yellow or red icons. These indicate the photo privacy.

  • Green: Public, anyone can see this photo
  • Yellow: Only friends and family can see this photo
  • Red: Private, only you can see this photo

Where can you see the privacy icons?

List View

When you are in List View browsing photos you will see the privacy icon at the right corner.

Why some photos in the list don't have an icon?

Limitation: If you are viewing photos in a Set the privacy icon won't appear. This is because when FlickStackr requests to Flickr the photos in a set, Flickr does not return the privacy information. The privacy information is only returned when a second request for additional photo details are requested, we decided not to do this second request as this increased the display time of the List view.

Details View

When you are in details view you can see the the privacy icon next to any photo. On the iPhone the privacy icon appears when you are in Details View in the Caption tab.

Last updated June 5, 2013

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