Protecting your account with a passcode

You can use a passcode to protect your photos. Once you enable the passcode for an account, each time yo try to access any of the photos or videos in that account you will be prompted for the passcode.

Adding a passcode to an account

You can add a passcode to an account at any time:

  1. Go to Home>Accounts
  2. Tap on Edit
  3. Tap on the blue arrow next to the account you wish to protect with a passcode.
  4. In the Modify Account pop up, set Passcode Protected to "ON"
  5. Enter a 4 digit passcode. If this is the first account you are protecting, you will be prompted to confirm the passcode, and the passcode you enter will be stored as the passcode for this device. If this is not the first account or Stack you passcode protect in this device, make sure to enter the passcode you specified previously.
  6. Your account is now protected with a passcode. Whenever you try to view any of the photos in that  account, you will be prompted for the passcode.
  7. If you wish to protect another account, follow the same steps again.

Tips for using passcodes

  • Passcodes are per device. The first time you configure an account or stack to be protected with a passcode, this passcode becomes the passcode for the device.
  • If you have several photo browsing accounts and you wish to protect all of them, you should enable "Passcode Protected" for each account, the passcode is the same for all of them.
  • You can globally change the passcode in Home>Settings>Change Passcode
  • When using iCloud,  If there are passcode protected accounts or stacks on the device that first joined iCloud, you will be prompted for that passcode when you configure subsequent devices to join the same iCloud. The iCloud sinchronization won't happen until you provide the passcode.

Last updated May 30, 2013

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