Organizing photos in Stacks

Organize photos in your own Stacks

You can organize photos in 2 types of stacks:

  • Photo Stacks: This kind of stack contains photos.
  • List Stacks: This kind of stack contains photo lists. For example if you are in FlickStackr and you add a set to the stack, this will be stored in a List Stack. Other examples of photo lists are: results from photo searchs or PhotoStream, Explore, Group, Favorites (Flickr), folders (cloud file services).

Default Stacks

When you install FlickStackr/PhotoStackr on your device, a Stack of each content type will be created automatically and they will be marked as default. This is done so you can start adding items to the stack without having to configure Stacks. Items you add to the Stack will go to the corresponding default Stack. You can delete these Stacks and create your own and set them as default. If when adding an item to the Stack, a default Stack of the required type does not exits, FlickStackr will create one for you

How to create your own Stacks?

To create your own stack:

  1. Go to the Home screen (tap on the Home icon in the top toolbar)
  2. In the Home screen,  tap on Stacks
  3. From the top toolbar tap on +
  4. The New Stack pop-up appears
  5. Enter a name and select the kind of content type that will hold this stack: Photos or Lists.

  6. If this a stack you want to use as default, set "Set as Default" to ON. If there was another stack of the same kind already as default, the other one will no longer be a default and this new stack will be the default stack.
  7. If you want the photos to be available for offline use, you can turn on "Offline Stack". Learn more about Offline Stacks here
  8. Tap on Done
  9. Your new Stack will appear in the Stacks list, the word "Default" will appear below the name if this is a default stack.
Last updated June 19, 2014

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