Store Stacks and accounts in iCloud

Las updated May 30, 2013

Save Stacks and accounts to iCloud

You can configure FlickStackr/PhotoStackr to use iCloud. When using iCloud you share your Stacks and account configuration across all your devices. For Stacks, only the lists of photos are stored in iCloud. Photo images are only kept on devices. When you have your Stacks and account configuration in iCloud, a new device can get all the app configuration from iCloud.

Configuring your first device for iCloud

Before you configure  iCloud in FlickStackr or PhotoStackr,. iCloud must be setup on your devices. (iOS5 is required). For step by step instructions take a look at this article: iCloud

  1. Once iCloud is setup on your device you can proceed to configure FlickStackr/PhotoStackr to use iCloud.
  2. In FlickStackr or PhotoStackr tap on Home, then tap on Settings
  3. Turn on "Use iCloud" and tap on Done
  4. All your existing Stacks (only the list of photos) and accounts configuration are stored in iCloud. From now on all your Stacks and accounts will be stored in iCloud.

Configuring additional devices for iCloud

  1. In FlickStackr/PhotoStackr tap on Home, then tap on Settings.
  2. Turn on "Use iCloud" and tap on Done.
  3. If there are passcode protected accounts or stacks on the device that first joined iCloud, you will be prompted for that passcode. The iCloud synchronization won't happen until you provide the passcode.
  4. The synchronization starts, accounts and Stacks from iCloud on this device will be merged. Stacks that have the same name will be consider the same and the content will be merged. If you have passcode protected accounts or stacks, the passcode in all your devices will be the same.
  5. Now that FlickStackr/PhotoStackr is configured to use iCloud, iCloud will keep your Stacks and accounts up to date across all your devices automatically.

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