Quick Actions

Quick Actions

When browsing through photos in thumbnails, lists, details, full screen view or slideshow mode you can use double tap or tap and hold gesture to:

  • Favorite
  • Like/Vote
  • Save to Photo Library
  • Save to Cloud File Service
  • Send to Stack
  • View Photographer
You can configure gestures/actions in Home>Settings>Quick Actions

Considerations when enabling Quick Actions

If you enable tap-and-hold, the old mechanism to add/remove the quick toolbar in fullscreen photo view is now done by dragging the bar to/from the bottom of the screen .

If you enable double tap, you can't double tap on photos to zoom in and out

The actions available, depend on the service. For example voting for  a photo is not available in Cloud file services, as these services don't provide the functionality to vote for photos. When you tap and hold or double tap on a photo  and the action configured  is not possible, a stop icon appears to indicate it.

Last updated May 30, 2013

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